Nog een opdracht bij expeditie Robinson tijdens de #gymles.

Group games are used to teach the scouts teamwork. They need to work together to accomplish a goal.

CrossFit Kids action

Could do this cooperatively (which pair can stay up longest) or as a competition (Push each other over)

Carly's PE Games: P.E. Kindergarten Jump Rope Lesson

Joe Gietzen began working with us today! He is my student teacher for this semester and will be working with me until M.

Top 7 Instant Activities for PE - Keeping Kids In Motion

Top 7 Instant Activities for PE

Top 7 Instant Activities for PE - Keeping Kids In Motion - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

My class LOVES this song! What awesome little dancers!!! So blessed to teach this format! Like, comment, share with friends, and subscribe to my channel to g...

O futuro só depende de você! : ZumbAtomic Warm up song---What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

Zumba Kids - Waka Waka ... preschool?!

Zumba kids give batter health and fitness to your child. Know how zumba kids give you batter then other?

This is a great activity because not only does it build gross motor development but communication and teamwork as well.

Physical Education and More: Responsible Personal and Social Behavior Tons of cooperative games using pool noodles