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How to Tie the Alpine Butterfly Loop <. An easy knot to tie & easy to untie < Very useful for isolating worn sections of rope / wp

pallet wood planter

Here is another idea of creating the planter for the garden in the but this one is big. You can see how reshaping the wood pallets can turn them into awesome items for There is no need to paint them as they look amazing in their actual color.

How to tie a Jury Mast Knot

Jury Mast Knot was made as a temporary rigging knot. These days it's used as a decorative knot. In this HOW TO TIE KNOTS, learn how to tie a Jury Mast Knot


DIY: Helm Weave Bracelet: Close 4 small jumprings Add 2 larger rings Separate small rings and add 1 large ring Add second large ring Link 1 large ring to one side and add 2 small rings Add one more large ring on other side and repeat to finish!