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Fallout Shelter Handbook contents by wardomatic, via Flickr

From Fallout Shelter Handbook Here's the table of contents for the handbook. Nice powerful image there for the reader.

Fallout Shelters

An excerpt from the book Better Homes & Bunkers: The Fallout Shelter for the Nuclear Family by Susan Roy.

Underground shelter blueprints.

From Fallout Shelter Handbook Illustration by Hank Clark. There are several diagrams in this handbook showing you how to build various types of underground (and only one above ground) shelters.

1960s Bomb Shelter Ads I remember the bomb raid safety practice in elementary school. Hiding under our desks, curled up and covering our heads with our hands. Used to scare the living hell out of me!

Vintage blast shelter ad, I knew people who built/had bomb shelters. The government happily lied to us about our survival chances.

Fallout shelter at home

How to build a fallout shelter? What materials are used for building a fallout shelter from inside? Types of fallout shelters explained. Construction guidelines, construction requirements and tips from professionals.

Retro~Fallout Shelter 57, living under the treat of the Mushroom Cloud was a stressful time!!

Fall out parents taught "Civil Defense" classes to the public at area community centers. Wonder if those shelters would have worked?

Build your own shelter - from the 1962 Fallout Shelter Handbook

I finally got around to scanning some more of that incredibly popular Fallout Shelter Handbook from 1962 I posted about several weeks ago.