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BACK TATTOO IDEAS Thrill Blender tattoo nation let's get to it. We have pulled out some of the most awesome back tattoos from all the ink submissions

Ankh is a symbol seen in ritual abuse and would be worn by certain alters on a necklace. Jewelery was often given to us with various ritual symbols.

The ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyph representing the NH ˁ word, which means "life." It is an attribute of the Egyptian gods that can keep the loop, or wear one in each hand, arms crossed over the chest. This symbol was called crux ansata Latin ("ankh")

The Ankh also known as key of life was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read “eternal life” An Ankh serves as an antenna or conduit for the divine power of life that permeates the universe. It is associated with Isis and Osiris in the Early Dynastic Period. The Loop of the Anhk also represent the feminine discipline or the womb, while the elongated section represent the masculine discipline. These two sacred units then come together and form life.

This an Egyptian symbol Ankh. It symbolized eternal life to the Egyptians. This symbol was found in many writings and carried as amulets by the people. The afterlife played a big part in Egyptian culture