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Plant combination sedum and echinacea

Allium sphaerocephalon met Stachys byzantina en Dianthus carthusianorum

Custom Japanese Garden Terrarium with Miniature by DoodleBirdie

Sanguisorba Arnhem | Knoll Gardens | Ornamental Grasses and Flowering Perennials

Purples and lime - lovely

An abstract path of river-stone mosaic swirls and flagstone lead up to a home that suggests an equally whimsical interior.

Absolutely love the grasses. The pickets in the fence add a wonderful design feature here. The path lends some artistic contrast as well. Very nicely done here. Your paths are not simply sidewalks but you should enjoy the trip between point A and point B as much as possible. This totally accomplishes that.

Sleepers, small stone, drifts of creeping mint or thyme. Create a wandering path.