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four wooden toy cameras sitting next to each other on a gray surface with one camera facing the viewer
Wooden Toys - Wooden Toy Camera Collections
Wood toy/wood camera/vintage style
a wooden comb with intricate designs on the front and back of it's sides
African Combs & Hair Ornaments – African Hair Decoration
a person is holding the door handle on a wooden cabinet with nails stuck to it
How to Hang a Cabinet on the Wall - FineWoodworking
How to Hang a Cabinet on the Wall - Fine Woodworking Article
a wooden boat with a candle holder on it's side and a light in the middle
Search results for »steamship special pulsation engine
Steamship with special Pulsation Engine | Physical & Musicial Toys
a wooden mouse pad with a light on it and a metal object in the middle
Pop Pop "Ponyo" Boat Craft
Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Pop Pop "Ponyo" Boat Craft ... my kids would have a blast making this.. great rainy day project!
a wooden object with a candle on it
A tiny wooden steamship.
A teeny wooden steamship that actually works! (You light the tea candle.)
a wooden object with a metal hook on it's end and two springs in the middle
Micro-Mini-Steamship. The model leaves out that you light a tea-light under the piping, but it looks fairly simple and could be a fun project.
there is a wooden bench with some clothes hanging on the rails and other items in front of it
Un portant en bois de récup’
Un portant en bois de récup’ - Marie Claire Idées
three wooden spoons and two chopsticks on a white surface
DD SUGI - cedar plates and chopsticks
DD SUGI - a set of cedar plates and chopsticks designed by Shinpei Arima and Masayuki Kurokawa #japanesedesign
a potted plant sitting in front of an open door on a pink stucco building
Jan's Page of Awesomeness! >.
an ornate wooden door with carvings on it
Armenia Nora Vank Monastery Door
several wooden boats are shown on a white background, each with different shapes and sizes
wooden animal boxes by karl zahn
wooden animal boxes by Karl Zahn
three wooden animals sitting on top of each other
Animal Boxes by Karl Zahn
These Animal Boxes by Brooklyn-based designer Karl Zahn are small figural containers that represent power animals. But unlike typical totems, these animals are also functional sculptures—each with the ability to guard important small objects. On the shelf, it is sculpture. On the side table, it’s a totem. On the counter, it offers a hiding spot. A perfect stocking stuffer.