Mulberry - suitable for a TRUE SUMMER, a true winter, deep winter, bright winter. Perhaps the deep autumn.

mulberry Mulberry - suitable for a real summer, real winter, intensive winter, clean winter. Perhaps the intense autumn.

Jaki jest twój odcień czerwonego?

Jaki jest twój odcień czerwonego? (Ubieraj się klasycznie)

Burgundy - suitable for a muted summer, autumn soft, genuine autumn, autumn intensive, intensive winter. Perhaps for a real summer.

beige for delicate summer

Beige - suitable for soft autumn, autumn genuine, gentle summer, gentle spring, real spring. Perhaps toned for years.

Amber - Suitable for: the true autumn, dark autumn, dark winter, true winter. Perhaps for a real summer.

cw baby blue

Baby blue - suitable for light spring, light summer, bright winter. Perhaps for a true winter.

mint for delicate summer

MINT - suitable for light summer, light spring, bright spring, BRIGHT WINTER. Perhaps for the true spring.