Jagoda kubielas

Jagoda kubielas

Jagoda kubielas
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From http://yoga.prevention.com/slideshows/slideshows/Bedtime_Yoga.php

New pm- start with 2 sets of 12 (rest 20 seconds in between) pass the balance from hands to feet ball v-ups - end with stretches

A few interesting ideas here.

making BuJo . lists about lists. honestly, looking at this i think that someone who has time to make all these lists. should get out (and maybe use some electronic catchall (like evernote!

“March habit tracker...I have a good feeling with that one. Added some habits but wasn't sure about a Time spent with loved ones section. Decided to leave…”

Courtesy of Anna via Bullet Journal Junkies FB Group - Bullet Journal Layout - March Habit Tracker - love the idea of categories!

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