Helix Nebula

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The Andromeda Galaxy as it approaches the Milky Way from earth

The Andromeda Galaxy as it approaches the Milky Way from earth

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This will take you to an awesome video of solar flare footage captured by NASA. THE SUN IS AMAZING

Nasa captures magnificent solar flare footage

Nasa captures magnificent footage of huge solar flare erupting from the sun.

solar flare Division: 73 55Pray to your Rabb [the Lord, the Cherisher, the Nurturer, the Sustainer] in humility and secretly/openly; serve the daily prayer. For He does not like those who transgress. 56And after being corrected, do not do mischief on the earth. Pray to Him in awe and hoping for His mercy. Surely, mercy of Allah is very close to those who make better/good-doers.105 (39/9; Al-A’raf/55-56)

Sol 27.02.2012

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See how solar flares, sun storms and huge eruptions from the sun work in this SPACE.com infographic.

Earth's Sun: Facts About the Sun's Age, Size and History

Read about the history and future of Earth’s sun as well as fun facts about the sun’s age, size, temperature, and phenomena like solar flares.

Happens everyday on the sun!

Happens everyday on the sun!

Helix Nebula by scenesbycolleen on DeviantArt

Today I decided on the 'Helix Nebula'! This one has a lot of weird fun shapes like in the 'Crab Nebula' that I've painted before. 12x16" oil painting.Th... Helix Nebula

The sun erupted with an X1.7-class solar flare on May 12, 2013. This is a blend of two images of the flare from NASAs Solar Dynamics Observatory: One image shows light in the 171-angstrom wavelength, the other in 131 angstroms.  Credit: NASA/SDO/AIA

Three X-class Flares in 24 Hours

The sun's third significant solar flare in under 24 hours - and the strongest so far of 2013 - peaked at 9:11 p.m. EDT on May 13, 2013.

A user's guide to solar flares... X-class flares top the scale with the most energy and potential to disrupt communications on Earth.

Solar Flares: A User's Guide (Infographic)

Solar flares come in many flavors. See how different types of solar flares stack up in this SPACE.com infographic.

♥ Sun Eruption

♥ Sun Eruption