Joanna Karosek
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my my my..............I am attracted to how this was put together.  All the hearts, all the ribbons.  Lovely, absolutely lovely.
A quick beaded crochet bracelet tutorial
Mint Green 5X Beaded Crochet Bracelet, Beach Boho Coastal Bracelet - by SeaSide Strands
Rustic Bronze Cross Multi Wrap Bracelet, Necklace "Boho Chic" $38.00
Bohemian multistrand beaded bracelets DIY tutorial
lavender fields, Valensole, Provence, France
'Ouro Preto' Black Gold, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Consumed in worry of that which will never happen, but no one can tell the future, but that's just it. no one can tell the future and so don't let anything make you worry about that which you cannot possibly guess. It's all good :)
Hand Painted Rock Owls.
Antiqued flower
My Little Box, Kanako