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Joanna Kalinowska
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dylan o'brien - lets focus on his nose and moles just for a sec

Dylan O'Brien Have you ever wanted to play connect the dots on someones face, but in a really loving way?// it's too bad that they CG out a lot of his moles.

How do you guys would like your character to develop? 2

Derek ( acteur : Tyler Hoechlin ) and Stiles ( acteur : Dylan O'Brien ) adorableness from interviews at ComicCon

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You create your life

What you focus on is what you get. If you don’t like your surroundings then start changing the way you think. Start noticing all the wonderful things around you. Start appreciating what you have. (Something I need to remember too.

The confidence of being just who you really are. Stop worrying - be you!!

You can always tell insecurities from women! They are the ones who will never openly compliment you! The great thing is if you are confident! You don't care!