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Falling Down for Art's Sake | Hint Fashion Magazine
The previous caption for this was "Sid Vicious." Gimme a fucking break. Sid Vicious in an Agnostic Front T-shirt? Fuck outta here, lol. They weren't even a thing before he died. I suppose the face and the hair look similar, and the lock necklace too, but no, this is not Sid. He even has a Let's Go patch on his arm! That's Rancid, dude! Hahaha
http://iwant.thefabricstore.co.nz | Inspiration image | Double denim  | The Lifestyle Edit
visual optimism; fashion editorials, shows, campaigns & more!: lola: larissa hofmann by piczo for jalouse october 2014
I would run away if I saw this dude but it'd be like he was chill
Punk shout
Punk—A style that began as London street fashion. They strove to dramatize their alienation through their garb by wearing messy, baggy, ripped clothing.
street punks