Adorably Witty Illustrations Of Everyday Objects

Adorably witty illustrations of everyday objects - FunSubstance

I shouldn't laugh at this because I'm studying to be a teacher...but this is pretty funny!

Farewell letter from

Next time the teacher asks you why do I hear people talking because you have ears! so true

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Chill judgey dude, that kind of umbrella doesn't have a hook base. Beach dude is only a little weird<<<<still dou

OMG... so that's how to put on lipstick! Hope they sold tens of these!

So funny! :D I'm not into batman don't even know much about "the joker" past his name but found this hilariously funny!

Hilarious Animal Memes

Hilarious Animal Memes

Język czeski jest prosty - I taki śmieszny!!!

Język czeski jest prosty - I taki śmieszny!