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This font reminds me of fire and smoke from a fire. It's almost as if the letter is the fire, and the smoke is the part that is drifting away from the letter! this is just really cool! I found this online #Inspirational

The typography here is bold and dynamic and the bubbled pattern pulling areas of the letter makes them look like there expanding and moving. The hints of colour break up the blackness of the piece creating contrasting and dynamic tones.

A 1.6 second exposure at f20.  He was standing very still!

Muslin Moth - close up of head

insect-macro-bee-2.jpg (640×501)

I don't know about you, but I think that true macro shots of insects are some of the coolest (and creepiest) images that I have ever seen. That is no different for this awesome set of insect macro shots that have been released by the USGS.