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four different types of speech bubbles with the words what, why and when written on them
Korean questioning pronouns.
the korean language poster with different languages and their corresponding words in english, chinese, and japanese
Common Konglish Words - Learn Korean with Fun & Colorful Infographics
Common Konglish Words
a poster with different types of speech bubbles on the front and back of each one
The Top Korean Phrases You Need To Know
15 Korean Phrases You Need to Know | South Korea, Seoul, Hangul, weekend break, Asia, bucket list, wanderlust, adventure, challenge, coffee, bar, food, must try, Summer, Tea, Ankara, learning, language, greetings, basic
K Pop, Kata-kata, Korean Quotes
the basic korean words and their meanings are shown in this text book, which contains several different
an open notebook with korean writing on it
Koreański 🇰🇷