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Kkkk casal perfeito?

ahikuboruchi: It’s Nezushi’s bedtime! Yaay, I’ve finally finished this. God, I thought this gif might be too big to upload it here… hehe, I should learn to read the faq beforehand. ^^°°° Have a nice weekend!

O intrygującym trenerze i łyżwiarzu, który mylił podziw z zauroczenie… #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

Yurios hot af I hope he will be happy for the rest of his career losing or winning QOTD: Do you think Yurio is good looking? AOTD: I do.

Aaaaaahhhhhhh soooo cuuuute!! ><

Don't make fun of him he hAS A WEAPON (;) A small Kagehina gif that took longer than expected to make XD frames*cough* I used Clip Studio to draw the frames and Photoshop to animate! ❤️Please ONLY repost with CREDIT.