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Getting from Hanoi to Sapa by Bus

This is probably gonna be a tutorial kinda post, but stay with me, because I'm gonna show you the COOLEST bus interior you will ever see in your life.

What's the purpose of Supertrees?

I just paid my (probably) thousandth visit to the Marina Bay area, and of course as usual, the journey included touring around Gardens by the Bay.

10 Things Non-Shoppers can do in Bangkok

Hike up to Golden Mount to enjoy the panoramic view of the cityLooks impressive doesn't it. A mix of ancient buildings with bright orange roofs, an

20 Photos That Will Make You Visit Switzerland

My oh my, Switzerland is certainly the first country that captured my heart! A country filled with so much beauty, character, history and kind people.

Battle against the JetStar staff in Vietnam

Vietnam is one amazing country with an array of unique sights (a flock of motorbikes and helmet-heads EVERYWHERE) and - of course - sounds (from all t

How to enjoy hot-air balloon at ZERO cost in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is becoming a lot more popular these days, so I thought rewriting this piece in a more extensive manner would benefit many other travellers

Something to think about: BALI

Lets get to the nitty gritty! I have a personal story from Bali, Indonesia. A country that I would say is the number one international holiday destina

5 scenes I saw on the road that make me think about life

I travel often to see beautiful sceneries, but more so to see things that may change my perspectives for the better.

Voluntourism: Traveling For A Cause

Concepcion, RomblonTraveling and volunteering are two things I am passionate about. It's hitting two

They told me there's nothing much in Seville

I was doing my half-a-year student exchange in Poland in early and Spain was the second last stop I made before flying back to KL from Europe.

the foxy pilgrimage

Boasting countless beautiful Zen temples and shrines, Kyoto is a destination well known for its rich cultural heritage and very photogenic landscapes.

I experienced the multi-stage scam in Cambodia, and I am glad I'm still alive

So this happened yesterday, and till now I still feel good to be alive.Land crossing from Thailand to Cambodia is reportedly challenging with numerous