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a close up of a bronze statue of a child's head on a white background
Sculptor Mark Richards
a sculpture of a man's head is on display
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les sculptures de Catherine Thiry sont à découvrir jusque fin novembre chez The Latem Gallery mais aussi la Macadam Gallery à Bruxelles.
a statue of a man's head with his eyes closed
Yol and Art
Eran Webber - sculpture - head - assured - #R0UGH PIN MIX
an image of a statue that looks like two people holding each other in their arms
Georges Saulterre Sculpture -
Georges Saulterre Sculpture - Art People Gallery- "In every situation they experience, whether it is internal or external, they must determine that “There is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35) and that He is good that does good." M.L.
a white marble busturine with an open mouth and wavy hair on the head
Mejor sin nombre
Hellenistic Greece, 2nd Century BC.
Berit Hildre Street Art, Kropp, Kandinsky, Sanat, Kunst
Berit Hildre
a man standing next to a bust of a woman with her hair pulled back and wearing a scarf
Art By Philippe Faraut
Ziccy: Art By Philippe Faraut
an old photo of a bust of a woman
Georg Kolbe (1877 - 1947) - Leonore von Keudell (1925)