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Black Hat by XxHeadphoneChickxX

WELL Cartoon Network better pick this thing up cause I WANT MORE! Plus Markiplier voiced so thats really cool art (c) me Black Hat is from some shorts named Villainous on Cartoon Network and .

Mysterious as the dark side of the force - Alternative Disney #Mulan

freakxwannaxbe: That scene in Mulan where all the ancestors are arguing about whose fault it was that Mulan ran off to join the army except with all the Force ghosts arguing about Ben Solo. This is the greatest thing I have ever drawn<<<<

Sith Obi Wan and Count Dooku.. For some reason I want to see this.. :)))

“Your anger is your strength, my apprentice!” If Count Dooku had his way, he would have definitely made Obi-Wan his Sith apprentice (x) I commissioned to draw.

dark obi wan he is literally smiling at everything he even smiled when he died ah Obi Kenobi

“ sith Obi Wan is my fave thing right now, no lie! once again inspired by wicked thing, thank you for writing him so perfectly♡ i mixed his outfit a bit - it’s partly like it.

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Tag yourself, I'm Sad Dad and Mullet. I also hate Jar Jar. << xD im animango (except i hav a bf) and im DEFINITELY done xD Obi Wan you precious lil cinnamon roll

iron-rion: “Pretend it’s a poster ”

I'm not quite sure what movie this is supposed to be spoofing, so I'm just going to revel in the perfection that is modernized Clone Wars squad.

obi wan and duchess satine - Google Search

Assajj Ventress HAS crossed my mind. << well I think Anakin is somewhat a ladies man, but Obi-Wan is better at it