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Inner Thigh Exercises
There are so many exercises we can do to target inner thigh area. Here are a few! If you want to target the whole thigh area, tap the link to join in this follow along workout.
Firm Up Outer Thigh!
Sculpted Shoulders in my 50's!
Tighten Those Thigh Muscles!
I somehow always feel it the next day, when I target, inner and outer thighs! Here is a fun work out for you to try this holiday season. If you want a follow along thigh workout, just YouTube. Tracy Steen Inner and Outer Thigh! I would hit this for 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds in between, and repeat for three rounds. Or follow along on YouTube!
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Post carrot cake birthday workout. #IRunToJesus #increasethe5 @kirastokesfit @increasethe5 Tank by @ttandtwins
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