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a man holding up a record in front of a red carpet
a bunch of cartoon characters are drawn in various poses and sizes, with the words'tiny
Tiny Eurovision 2022 drawing
a woman with her mouth open and hearts on the screen in front of her face
amanda<3 🇬🇷
a man wearing sunglasses and a no polaroid t - shirt smiles at the camera
an image of a map with the location of europe on it and two people standing in front of it
a man is sitting on the floor with many black and white photos in front of him
a person with their arms in the air on stage wearing a colorful outfit and hat
Subwoolfer DJ Astronaut
a woman is standing in front of a mannequin and posing for the camera
Chanel se viste de torera en Eurovisión, de la mano de Palomo Spain -
two men and a woman performing on stage with one man holding the other's leg
España queda tercera en Eurovisión pero Chanel gana en estilo gracias a Palomo Spain
a man is getting his make - up done in front of a woman with red hair
Ochman 💋💅
a man and woman dressed in costumes walking down a hallway with other people behind them
chanel and mahmood