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an empty parking lot next to a white building
Casa SR3 | Actual + Espacio Arquitectura - ARQZON
Casa SR3 | Actual + Espacio Arquitectura 6
an exterior view of a modern house with trees and bushes in the foreground, at dusk
The Grand Pinklao Clubhouse / Office AT
the grand pinklao clubhouse office
the house is lit up at night and has an outdoor swimming pool in front of it
WARchitect's 'V60 house' in bangkok connects to nature with in-between open spaces
an apartment building with red and white stripes on the side
there is a plant that is growing on the stair railing in this house with wood handrails
mr sajeev kumar s residence at girugambakkam, near m.i.o.t hospital, chennai ,tamilnadu | Murali architects | Archinect