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the knitting pattern is shown in purple
Little waves
a green knitted boot with buttons on the side and measurements for each shoelace
Druty swetry kamizele
Druty swetry kamizele na Stylowi.pl
the knitting pattern is shown with instructions to make it look like an intricate lacework
Узоры спицами. Отличная подборка со схемами!
a woman wearing a gray sweater with holes on it
a close up of a knitted object with numbers and symbols on it's side
Как интересно оформить край спицами. Схемы и идеи.
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Adjustable Quick Socks Version 2PDF Crochet PatternInstant Download
an image of a knitted blanket with numbers on it and the words written in gold
Пошта Мета – Безкоштовна українська електронна пошта. Створити поштову e-mail скриньку в поштовому сервісі
the knitting pattern is shown in purple