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My name is... Emma•Annabella•Harli•Sophia•Lara•Bianca•LillyLiz•Tory•Anaya•Kaitlyn•Morga•Khyra•Courtney•Alexis•MaryAnne•Selena•Megan•Emily•Caitlyn•Natalie•Kaleigh•Jacquelina•Connie•Nikole¤Jessica------- Dakota>>Autumn

My name is Annabella >>>>>my name is harli:)>>>>>>>My Name is Sophia>>>>>>> my name is Lara>>>>>My name is Elizabeth (Liz)>>my name is Jess>>> Niall's Girlfriend: Isabelle>>>>> My Name Is Gladys ;)>>>>>my name is Allie>>>>>> my name's Anna-Grace

The cutest Irish mofo EVER!! Love u Nialler!! <3<3

The many faces of Niall James horan ❤️ he's so stinkin adorable it's hard not to love this lad!<<<< Literally the selfie KING!

my sunshine :)

And whenever he laughs his adorable, perfect laugh and also flexes his muscles at the same time. I just want to hear his laugh in person. I have saved videos of his laugh in my camera roll.