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Tokyo Ghoul :Re - Tooru Mutsuki

Tokyo Ghoul :Re - Tooru Mutsuki

・・・ Main Inspo: Golden silk orb weaver (mainly black and gold) I wanted to go for something dark,esoteric-ish,royalty kind of feel?

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An anon asked me for an eye tutorial   I highly recommend looking reference photos on the internet to get used to drawing different eyes, and also to take photos of yourself to get used to drawing different angles/expressions – Don’t just...

I'm sure there's heaps I didn't mention in this but this is generally how I approach drawing noses! The main thing is to check out references and try and draw different noses and you'll get a bett.

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Sasaki haise 東京喰種:re - Takuwest(沢西) Ken Kaneki Cosplay Photo - Cure WorldCosplay

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