Jędrzej Jezierski
Jędrzej Jezierski
Jędrzej Jezierski

Jędrzej Jezierski

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Arche télescopique / colonnes vitrines

Delhaize by Minale Design Strategy - Retail Design - Product's highlight #merchandising #display

Item #: 8031 Cardboard display

Why not display milk containers in a giant milk container?

Store of the week- Tesco (UK) • Conversation Detail • Kantar Retail

Exploring the Greek island of Kefalonia

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Asos doors ~ Cephalonia, Greece………IF IT'S BLUE, IT HAS TO BE GREEK………..ccp

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece

TOP 10 Wine Tasting Destinations in Europe

Kefalonia, Greece - Wine has always been an important part of the culture that dates back to the ancient times. The uniqueness of the Greek wines lays in the distinct flavours that come from native grape varieties. There are 300 indigenous different grapes grown in the country.