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Judyta Karolina

Judyta Karolina
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how to blow dry your hair at home

Women with curly hair are known for their devotion to air-drying. But every time you walk out with wet hair in icy weather, you risk freezing your hair among other things. So how do you minimize frizz, avoid heat damage, and dry hair fast?

Everyone needs to learn how to blow dry their hair the RIGHT way. & other hair tips

A clean canvas: Blow dry basics - Lots of requests for a very basic blow out. Here’s your step by step! I’ll do one for curly hair and one for fine hair as well. These are the basics steps for anyone with wavy and/or thick hair like Lauren’s.

Rock Dominos. :)

Rock Dominos Rock Dominoes Smooth flat stones aren't just for skipping -- they're perfect for game pieces, too. For a set of dominoes, all you need is 28 stones and a white paint pen to draw lines and dots. Begin by drawing a line across the.

diy monster pet rocks

craft idea for kids- monster pet rocks. Pre-paint rocks and they can draw faces. I have a lot of googly eyes I can bring in. This can be a cheap project. Maybe high school kids can paint the rocks. Maybe use half Easter eggs if short on rocks?