James Dargan
James Dargan
James Dargan

James Dargan

  • Warsaw, Poland

Writer, Raconteur, Poet, Playwright, Blogger, Social Satirist, Master of Lame Puns & Jokes, Happy Cynic & Sit Down Comedian, of sorts - All Irish Style!

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Book cover to my brand new novel, Transatlantic, The Ballad of Thomas Fox, now available on Amazon and other vendors for only $3.99! Set in 1980s NYC, it's the story of Irishman Thomas Fox and his misadventures with the Irish-American mob.

The book cover to Cuyahoga Blues, A Napoleon Clancy Book, Volume 2 - an Irish black comedy/crime caper set in America!

What language do hurlers speak with bad breath? GAAlic.

The French wit, Voltaire, put his backside down on a car wheel . The reason? He said it was for Sat- Tyre

What does a man from County Clare cut his grass with? A lawn Moher.

What do you call a Lycanthrope that loves fashion & shearing sheep? A wear woolf.

Interesting fact: Did you know Edward John Noble was teased at school because he didn't know his ABC?

Einstein wasn't the greatest mind ever. New documents found say he was as thick as a Planck.

The Taoiseach's popularity rating has dropped recently and most people think it's the Enda Kenny.

What did the journo say to the corrupt former Taoiseach dressed like a hooker in the Dublin red-light district? He's a whore, he.