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a cake shaped like a turtle sitting on top of tin foil covered in green frosting
there is a chocolate cake on the cooling rack next to it's cookie pieces
Turtle cakes
there is a dog made out of crackers on the cutting board next to it
How to build an Alpaca
the only pound cake recipe is written in black ink on a sheet of white paper
Pound Cake
two pictures side by side one shows a snake and the other shows a fake snake
Snake Cake
three red and yellow caterpillars on aluminum foil lined up in the shape of worms
Snake cake
three plastic trays with food in them
ושוב חוגגים (הדרכה: איך לעשות עוגת חתול)
הבלוג של דודה לירון: ושוב חוגגים (הדרכה: איך לעשות עוגת חתול)
a child is decorating two cakes with candles on them and the words happy birthday spelled out in white letters
Birthday Snake for Araceli. Beautiful! Via a board called 'Serpentine Fun'.