Making the Tomato Sauce

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That's me, doing what I do best, stirring the pot! LOL

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The most important part of sauce day, good friends, laughter, vino, warm sunshine, and platters of food.

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First you boil the tomatoes in large pots on giant burners outside.

You will nees bushels and bushels of tomatoes.

If you are going to make a lot of sauce, you will need one of these fabu straining machines. Without it, making this quantity is impossible.

Making the sauce is a "family" affair. We do this with a group of fantastic ladies, so it is a social event, not a lot of tedious work. Every tomato has to be inspected and the tops cut off before it goes into the pot.

Sauce in jars before they went back into the pot to be boiled again. This is midway through the process.

Karpacz, Śnieżka ,Poland

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