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the instructions for how to do dance warm up with blue water in the back ground
10-Minute Dance Warmup for Auditions
10-Minute Dance Warmup for Auditions – Dance Insight
the instructions for how to make a dance stretch and work out page in an exercise book
Flapper vintage hairstyle finger waves tutorial with hair gel & aluminium wave clips
an old black and white photo of two women in flapping garb, one holding a pole
Flapper 103 – The Dance
One of the flappers’ favorite pastimes was dancing. And what they danced to was not their parents’ music—they danced to jazz.
dance styles and fashion in the roaring 20s
1920s Dance Styles and Fashion
Today, organized dancing is a niche activity. In the past, however, 1920s dance styles were a staple in society. Young women and men would head to popular speakeasys or dance halls, where they would socialize, drink liquor, smoke cigarettes, and dance the night away to live music. While these were considered “indecent” activities during this time period, a group of young women called Flappers saw it as a way to challenge cultural norms while also having a bit of fun.
a woman wearing a purple top with the words flapper dance practice in front of her
Flapper Dance Practice | GREAT GATSBY Workout
Flapper Dance Workout-practice
two women dressed in business attire posing on the edge of a high rise building with their arms around each other
Smart Chicks Commune
Flappers Dancing the Charleston atop the Sherman Hotel, Chicago, December 11, 1926
Halcybella & Raineemery 20's "Disco Party"
Roaring 20s, Charleston dance atmosphere!