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Spooky Double-Exposure Image Transfers With the Gelli® Plate
Create image transfer gel prints with a double-exposure effect! Results can be super spooky, so this is a fabulous technique to get in the Halloween mood! In the full video tutorial, you will see Gelli Arts® artist Marsha Valk use magazine images, book pages and laser prints interchangeably. Visit our YouTube channel to see the step-by-step process! #gelliarts #gelprinting #monoprinting #printingplate #printmaking #imagetransfer #halloweencrafts
GEL PRINTING, magazine image transfer (supplies below)
an art piece is displayed in a clear case on top of other pieces of artwork
Gelli Arts – your creativity coach by robyn mcclendon
Gel printing 🌿first spring sprouts🌿
GEL PRINTING ✨What’s on printmaker’s table✨
Gel-icious process
a person holding a piece of paper with an image on it and some type of ink
Mastering Magazine Transfers with Layered Gelli Printing Techniques
Matisse inspired GEL PRINTING
Difficulty: Medium Supplies • Gel printing plate • Acrylic paints • Rubber roller • Stamps (I use my own handmade foam stamps)
the image transferer gesso vs glemedium is shown in four different colors
Giovanna Zara on Instagram: "Transfer: Gesso vs Gel Medium Since I'm a lot into stitching and fabric lately, this is still one of my fave technique out there. You can gently wash it, I tested it! The gesso one won't fade. And you can stitch it😊"
a book cover with the title master gel printing inspires tips and techniques for beginners
Gelli Plate Printing Ideas and Techniques •Art Instruction Blog
Create Fun Gel Printed Plaid Patterns with the Gelli Arts® Printing Plate
Gel printing — image transfer (wrapping paper)
Difficulty: Easy Supplies • Gel printing plate • Rubber roller • Printmaking paper • Acrylic paint
How To Gel Print With Fluid Paint and Spray Inks
Create a scaredy cat gel print by combining black ink with black paint. Top tips from Gelli Arts® artist Tara Axford: Create a fur texture with a calligraphy brush. The gel printing plate repels ink, which adds to the blotchy feel. Use mask shapes to create a cat face. Create whiskers by blotting lines with card. Use repositionable tape to attach masks to the print. Place the cat print on a coloured background. Spray ink adds another spooky touch! #gelliarts #printmaking #monoprinting
Layers build like magic!
When you're using a gel plate, the layers build up like magic! See how to do this print step-by-step and many many more in the online workshop, Stencil-rific Layers. This workshop is more than just techniques, it's all about understanding the why behind the process. If you’re ready to know how to guide and steer the gel plate to get the looks you want consistently, then check out Stencil-rific Layers at #stencil #gelprinting #gelliprinting #artworkshop #mixedmedia
Create a Gel Printed Pocket For Your Journal (ABC Printing Challenge Idea #26)
Z is for…ZEBRA! Gelli Arts® Artist Robyn McClendon ends off our #abcprintingchallenge in style! Here are her steps: Place zebra stencil on gel plate. Daub white paint or gesso through stencil. Remove stencil. Lay black paper on plate to capture the mono print and let dry. Using cut a few slits along the zebra lines to create pockets. Glue a second sheet to back only around the outside 4 sides. Use as a pocket insert for your junk journal. #GelliArts #gelprinting #printmaking #junkjournal