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people are standing in front of a pink wall with words on it that read, the internet
Salon de Montrouge's identity sees deep reds and pale pinks sweep through the gallery
four books are lined up on a white shelf, one is pink and the other is grey
Book shelf
an empty room with white walls and black drapes on the wall in front of it
Trajectories exhibition Dutch Design Week 2015
Trajectories exhibition Dutch Design Week 2015
a woman is pointing to some type of paper on a wall with magnets attached
VG&P for CDW'16 – Exhibition and Print
VG&P for CDW'16Creation of the graphics for VG&P's exhibition – part of the British Collection during Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 – Art Direction of the photoshoot, Catalogue design and Invites.— 2016, with Studio Eger.
a person holding up a white box with the word gallery guide printed on it in front of an orange wall
The Jewish Museum
Gallery Guide Dispenser | More
a woman holding a cat in front of a white wall with blue writing on it
Keep See Seek-ING
Keep See Seek-ING on Behance
an empty room with blue lines on the floor and a door in the middle that says keep out
Seek See Keep - ING 4.5’ x 8’ Installation by Liyuan Tong
three people standing in front of a red sign
Missing Heads
Missing Heads by Sebastian Burga, via Behance
several pieces of art sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other in a room
Creative Point of purchase displays and exhibition booths for trade-shows created by TriadCreativeGroup.com inspired by artistic design and architecture. Give Steve a call at (262) 781-3100 ext 17
an empty room with wooden flooring and metal rails in the middle that have pictures on them
Thought: create the timeline on the wall with same size photos, add larger pics and descriptions. Q: how to secure timeline photos to wall.
several pieces of art are on display in a room with wood flooring and walls
experimental jetset exhibition - Google Search
some people are standing around at an outdoor art exhibit with pictures on the walls and in front of them
Archiwood exhibition
Архитектор: Антон Кочуркиндизайн выставочных листов премии в области деревянной архитектуры «Архивуд». в рамках московской архитектурной биеннале. Центральный дом художника, 2011 г
a room filled with pictures and frames on the wall next to each other in front of windows
Modular Exhibition System 1 Stuart Wroe at The Round Foundry Media Centre | Booths fashion in 2019 | Exhibition display stands, Exhibition display, Photography exhibition
Modular Exhibition System 1 Stuart Wroe at The Round Foundry Media Centre:
a group of tables that are in the middle of some sort of room with signs on them
exhibition | asking question | by vevs interior