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New photonic molecules are not unlike lightsabers

New photonic molecules are not unlike light sabers - Scientist have created a new form of matter by coaxing photons to interact with each other

Hybrid RotorWing design transitions from fixed to rotary wing mid-flight

Hybrid RotorWing technology allows for in-flight transition from fixed wing to rotary flight mode and back again.

FACE android conveys human emotions with facial expressions

Scientists have endowed a female-form android with complex facial expression features to establish if robots can express emotions.

Your phone may soon know where you're going before you do

A new algorithm developed at the University of Birmingham is capable of making accurate educated guesses as to where you are going to be in 24 hours time.

Magnetic field anomalies used to pinpoint your location in a building

Local magnetic field anomalies can be used for indoor positioning independent of external infrastructures.

Biologically accurate robotic legs get the gait right

University of Arizona researchers have produced a robotic set of legs that they believe is the first to fully model walking in a biologically accurate manner.

Tiny implantable fuel cell harvests energy from the brain

New energy source for future medical implants: sugar Implantable fuel cell built at MIT could power neural prosthetics that help patients regain control of limbs.

Asteroid deflection schemes go green with solar-powered laser spacecraft

Scientists are proposing that spacecraft could use solar-powered lasers to deflect an Earth-bound asteroid.

Handheld laser device measures veggie consumption levels

A handheld laser device may be used to precisely measure how much vegetables you have eaten recently.

Swarms of air-bubble microrobots with laser engines could assemble live cells

Optically controlled air bubbles in a saline solution could act as microrobot, and assemble microstructures.

SAPER app turns a smartphone into a mobile bomb sniffer

The SAPER mobile app uses a phone's magnetometer to remotely detect 40 different kinds of explosive materials.

Autospense vending machine offers high-security solution for managing medical marijuana

Autospense is a secure medical marijuana vending machine that offers on demand purchase reports for concerned authorities.