Jarosław Piskorz
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| Sin miedo a girar cajas de texto | Cosas que ocurren cuando los marcos de texto se vuelven dinámicos.

type | color | negative space | design

Sizing Up Consciousness By Its Bits | Newspaper Design #58 | The Times of Oman http://newspaperdesign.in/forum/topics/success-story-of-times-of-oman?xg_source=facebook

I really like how this person used the body copy to take shape of the larger title

large format newspaper

large format newspaper

geometric / shapes / photos / layout / design / minimalist / poster / design / Samuel Johnson

This newspaper is very clever. The design draws readers in and makes the news article look intriguing and fun. There is no picture except the clip art, but this article works because of the cute design added to the page.