Fiat 126 - 1972

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The GTV6 had all the ingredients of a true Italian sports car – penned by Giugiaro, voiced by a V6, and driven by the dandified. But there was one thing which separated it from its compatriots: it could carry not two, but four occupants in leather-trimmed comfort. In addition, there was ample space for luggage.

Alfa Romeo GTV My car bought in 1999 Fully worked engine with Ferrari carburettors Caused fire from exhaust each change of gear The last of manufacturing 1986 Then suddenly in new Generation was built .

1976 Fiat 126P ^

1976 Fiat 126P ^ :: Zobacz temat - Pieniądze PRL

1974 series Polish banknote, featuring general Karol Świerczewski and the coat of arms of Poland on the obverse side, and the Order of the Cross of Grunwald on the reverse side.

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