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I wish today wasn't the last day of vacation. I'm gonna miss summer!!

Shell wind chime, a great diy project after a day of collecting shells at the beach! Each strand you do can have shells from different places you have travelled to. You can create small and longer strands depending on where they will hang.

Summer Beach Style and tips at

The beach. makes me feel peaceful as soon as I see the ocean and smell the salt air. And I made this impression of a star fish in the sand w/ an ACTUAL LIVE ONE!

All of today’s goldfish are descended from a dull, dark species of wild carp which lives in the waterways of southern China, where such fish are still caught for food. From about 800 AD onwards, some of these carp which had unusual orange markings started to be kept and bred selectively for their coloration. Before long, other characteristics such as different fin shapes and scale patterns also became established.

During lunch on Shelia's first day of school she lashes out by taking the classroom goldfish out of the tank and stabbing their eyes with a pencil. This causes mass chaos in the classroom.

goldfish | The goldfish is a member of the carp family.

A goldfish is a type of domesticated freshwater fish that belongs to the carp family. Although many people think of goldfish as.