Jarosław Asztemborski

Jarosław Asztemborski

Jarosław Asztemborski
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‘He had never seen fly-fishing like this before.’Being asked to illustrate Discworld was a brilliant opportunity. The works are iconic, the world is visually rich, but this also made it more daunting. The possibility of stepping on someone else’s vision of that world, which is made so real and concrete in the books, is frighteningly great. It was truly a daunting challenge with more responsibilities than any other illustration commission I have had, but what fun!

In this fantasy classic, the eponymous hero is given a book by his boss – Death – the book of Mort’s life. Artist and Discworld fan Omar Rayyan explains how he illuminated a new edition

Sam Vimes from "Discworld" (by Zhorez1321 on DeviantArt) Here's to bad-a$$ed upright citizenship. Whatever it is, he's going to do it the hard way and it's going to be hilarious and grudgingly inspiring. His desk looks like my desk.

Sam Vimes from "Discworld" (by on DeviantArt) I keep liking these Clint Eastwood lookalikes, except Clint's too old :(