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Biofuels for road transport :a seed to wheel perspective /Lucas Reijnders, Mark A. J. Huijbregts. London :Springer,cop. 2009. ISBN:978-1-84882-137-8

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Transparent oxide electronics :from materials to devices /Pedro Barquinha [et al.]. Chichester :A John Wiley & Sons,2012. ISBN:978-0-470-68373-6 (cloth)

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Whose public space? :international case studies in urban design and development /ed. Ali Madanipour. London :New York :Routledge,2010. ISBN:0-415-55385-7 (hbk)

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Chitosan-based systems for biopharmaceuticals :delivery, targeting and polymer therapeutics /ed. by Bruno Sarmento, José das Neves. Chichester :A John Wiley & Sons,2012. ISBN:978-0-470-97832-0 (cloth)

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Mathematical methods for optical physics and engineering /Gregory J. Gbur. Cambridge :Cambridge University Press,2011. ISBN:978-0-521-51610-5 (Hardback)

Chromatic graph theory /Gary Chartrand, Ping Zhang. Boca Raton [etc.] :Chapman & Hall/CRC,cop. 2009. ISBN:978-1-58488-800-0 (hardcover)

Iron Kingdom :the rise and downfall of Prussia, 1600-1947 /Christopher Clark. Cambridge, Mass. :Belknap Press of Harvard University Press,2008. ISBN:978-0-674-02385-7 (cloth : alk. paper)

3D displays /Ernst Lueder. Chichester :John Wiley & Sons,2012. ISBN:978-1-119-99151-9

Food flavours :chemical, sensory and technological properties /ed. by Henryk Jeleń. Boca Raton [etc.]:CRC Press,cop. 2012. ISBN:978-1-4398-1491-8

MPLS - enabled applications :emerging developments and new technologies /Ina Minei, Julian Lucek. Chichester :John Wiley & Sons,2011. ISBN:978-0-470-66545-9