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Destiel.  Yep, he's talkin' Angel Food cake...with a side of trenchcoat ;-)

Dean explaining his feelings for Cas by describing pie versus cake. Yep, he's talkin' Angel Food cake.with a side of trenchcoat

//cries softly.

So cute and sad in the same time. Russia and China [Hetalia] For some reason, I just started laughing so at the and to the last ending XD

♡ Miraculous Ladybug ♡ Adrien x Ladybug

♡ Miraculous Ladybug ♡ Adrien x Ladybug<< i love seeing Lafybug and Adrien together because its interesting to see them crushing at the same time

[GIFSET] 10x05 Fan Fiction

[GIF Fan Fiction Having this is the episode has wonderful. Mainly because for us, in this universe, we have always understood the significance and importance of "Carry On My Wayward Son" as it pertains to the Winchesters and Supernatural story.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry or hit something. I'll just watch a Supernatural episode instead. Gabriel and Castiel

Mark Sheppard at #JIBcon2014. I want one of these <---- Yes, I want a Mark Sheppard too.

Mark Sheppard getting caught under a devil trap umbrella at JIBcon Honestly, where does human ingenuity end with these people?


Oh, Cas I don't support Destiel but this is cute and funny.:)<<< I do support Destiel and this is adorable