Jan Maląg

Jan Maląg

POLSKA - POLAND / I am a painter and I want to improve my craft paint My collection is for art lovers, people sensitive to beauty, who want to grow in their personal artistic cre
Jan Maląg
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Flat Out, 1985 Robert Kuhn (United States, 1920 – Acrylic on Board, 14 X 18 inches JKM Collection®, National Museum of Wildlife Art

my man would love this ;)

The Japanese tend to focus on using native species for their bonsai - namely pines, azaleas and maples (regarded as the traditional bonsai plants).

Japanese Cherry-Blossom banzai in early cascade.

Cherry Bonsai Tree ~ Beauty in simplicity, drama in understatement, our artificial cherry blossom bonsai can bring the perfect touches of color and balance to a room. The delicate - and incredibly life-like -cherry blossoms are available in pink or white.