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StarWars Legos

Fourth batch of my LEGO Star Wars Minifigs Collection. With this fourth display, I totalize 420 LEGO Star Wars Minifigs. - Also see display 01 - Also see display 02 - Also see display 03

The Fastest Ships In Star Wars - Infographic

Flying the ships from Star Wars is an unrealized dream of every person who just once in his life has seen the films. Have you ever thought what inside these ships is and how they operate to fly so fast?

My question is: how can Grievous be a Niman fighter when he's not Force sensitive?

Heres an infographic featuring the seven traditional lightsaber fighting styles in Star Wars.

Minimalist Star Wars Family Tree Illustration

UK-based artist Joe Stone created a minimalist Star Wars Family Tree illustration that displays assorted types of relationships between characters from the films and television series (here's a lar.