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a poster with the words developing 21st - century critical thinking on it's side
25 Ways to Develop 21st Century Thinkers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning | Into the Driver's Seat
Great infographic re: critical thinking skills. Helps so much in identifying emotions and translating them into clear and direct communication. Developing 21st Century Critical Thinkers [Infographic]:
a flow chart with instructions on how to use the flow chart for each student's needs
Finding Gaps to Fill in Math • Smith Curriculum and Consulting
an info poster with different types of information
Mix and Match Your Assessment Techniques to Boost Performance Infographic - e-Learning Infographics | E-Learning, Instructional Design, and Online Teaching
"Ready to shake things up and give your learners a performance boost? Check out the Mix & Match Your Assessment Techniques to Boost Performance Infographic for ideas on how to mix and match assessment techniques for your next training program."
an informive poster with the words quick and easy formats for students to use
Beautiful visual featuring 7 ways to do Formative Assessments in class | |
two different types of formative writing for students to use in the classroom, with text and
How to Completely Transform Your Teaching with Exit Tickets
FREE! Chart showing the difference between formative and summative assessments - Young Teacher Love by Kristine Nannini
a sign that says, 32 list things you remember from the lesson give 2 examples of what you learned write i question you have or something you are confused about
Learning Option Trading
the effective effort rubric chart
BetterLesson Community Sunset
Page 1 - Growth Mindset #6 - Effective Effort Rubric 4-6.docx
the student data binder is organized with colorful dividers and numbers to help students learn how to use them
16 Teacher Hacks for Making Data Collection a Piece of Cake
16 Teacher Hacks for Making Data Collection a Piece of Cake
three social media sheets with the text instagram on them
Using Social Media to Assess Learning
a notebook with the title how i differentiated like a pro using corel notes
. : How I Differentiate Like a Pro Using Cornell Notes
Teacher Mom 101: How I Differentiate Like a Pro Using Cornell Notes. Interesting - I adapted this idea somewhat. #teaching #differentiate #cornellnotes #teachingstrategies #classroommanagement #classroomsolutions
a stack of books sitting on top of a desk next to an open book with the title
How To Boost Accountability in a Workshop Classroom - Core Inspiration
Accountability no longer means grading every activity your students complete. It's time to pass the torch of responsibility to your students and watch them grow in meaningful ways. Love these tips for self-assessment and reflection. Using these in my classroom helped my students grow so rapidly this year as readers and writers. #readingworkshop #studentreflection #teacherfeedback #differentiationtips #classroomtips #elementaryschool
a sign that says 4 star effort on it
10 Must Have Resources for Every 1st Grade Classroom
Excellent "rubric" for young learners to put forth 4 Star Effort!
the worksheet for self evaulation
Parent Teacher Conferences {8 Tips for Successful and Productive Conferences}
Have students fill out a self evaluation before Parent Teacher Conferences. This will give them the opportunity to be accountable for their behavior, grades, and work habits. Perfect for fall and spring Parent Teacher Conferences. Read more tips & idea