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Aikido, Tattoos, Manga
The Blind Ninja
a black and white drawing of a woman in traditional japanese garb
Ronin Versus Oni Warriors, Art, Oni Art, Japanese Warrior, Ninja
Ronin Versus Oni
a drawing of a man with scissors in his hand and wearing a black outfit, standing on the ground
Miyamoto Musashi (宮本武藏)12 mars 1584-19 juin 1645), est l'une des figures emblématiques du Japon, maître bushi, philosophe et le plus célèbre escrimeur de l'histoire du pays (Wikipedia)
a drawing of a man wearing a robe and holding two swords in one hand, with his hair blown back
Атакуй без предупреждения в том месте, где противник не ожидает этого. Пока он не решил, что делать, пользуйся преимуществом и, владея инициативой, наноси ему поражение. - Миямото Мусаси #самурай , #самураи , #катана , #меч , #katana , #samurai , #Мусаси
a man with a black and white tattoo on his arm
60 Reasons Why You Need A Sketched Tattoo Design - TattooBlend
Sketch style warrior by Inez Janiak
a black and white photo of a samurai
Musa AKKAYA, Duvar Kağıdı
a painting of a woman's lips and tongue
Mad Art lips-----------lips, lips and more lips
a drawing of a person holding two swords
a drawing of a man with tattoos holding two swords in one hand and wearing a kimono on the other
Okami by thedarkestseason on DeviantArt
" A Ronin turned Yakuza"- Okami by ~thedarkestseason on deviantART
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three different shots of flowers in vases
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