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This chart depicts the essential amino acids needed by the body to perform specific functions. These amino acids all hold specific functions that turn out to be helpful to specific parts of the body when put into a specific order by the ribosome.

Meal Preps

Looking for a full meal prep plan? Need some tips on how to make meal prepping easier? Or maybe you just want some great ideas for recipes to eat this week. You can find all of that on Beachbody& Meal Prep page! Click through for all your meal prep

Use this spring cleaning guide to keep everything in your house clean and fresh.

Home Cleaning Infographic: How Often Should You Clean Everything?– Keeping your home clean is extremely easy if you use this helpful infographic.

Onion Bhaji Recipe

Onion Bhajis: Onion bhajis are the perfect accompaniment for many an Indian dish – meat-based curries benefit particularly from their presence as they provide a tasty, vegetarian contrast.

This is one of my favorite easiest go-to low carb recipes. I love that its so cheap, and seriously so quick to whip up. This also is great to make extra and store for left overs for tomorrow. What…

Brown a lb of smoked sausage cut into pieces with a small chopped onion in a stick of butter in big skillet. Add sliced small head of cabbage. Cover and simmer 30 minutes. Add salt and pepper.

HTML cheatsheet. It's like a bible!!! This is totally going to come in handy at work--print please. http://www.intelisystems.com

The Ultimate HTML 5 Cheat Sheet -- HTML cheatsheet. It's like a bible! This is totally going to come in handy at work--print please.