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a cartoon wolf holding a cup with the words i woke up like this $ 13 tees
Lately it's daily. This n depression.
a blue cat sitting on top of a laptop with the words pay attention to me
MY CAT DOES THIS! Once she deleted my ENTIRE PROJECT😭😭😭
two panda bears are eating french fries and drinking milkshake with strawberries on the side
Just got home. They didn't answer. Got an email about paying only half and they told her same thing they told me. The rest can be paid on the 15th so haha
a red fox eating noodles with chopsticks in it's mouth while sitting on the ground
an image of some kind of cartoon character with the words i'm a nerd get over it
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gamer, reading, and words image
a red fox holding a video game controller in its paws with words written all over it
an image of a fox and her two cubs playing video games on the nintendo wii
three little turtles are sitting next to each other with the words dare to be different
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