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ice cream sundae toppings in fortune tellers.

Sundae Best

Celebrate summer with a colorful sundae party, setting out toppings in fortune-tellers, those folded-paper staples of childhood.Fortune-Teller How-To1. Place a 12-inch square of parchment or glassine on a face-down piece of patterned paper that's the same size. Fold in half diagonally, and unfold. Fold on the other diagonal, and unfold.2. Fold in each corner to the center point, forming a smaller square.3. Turn paper over, and fold in all corners so they meet, forming an even smaller…

serve ice cream toppings in upside down "cootie catcher"

10 Very Cool Ice Cream Party Ideas - Parenting

These 10 adorable ice cream party ideas will make your party a sweet day to remember.

Delicious sea salt and honey ice cream toppings.

Red Wine Chocolate Sauce and Sea Salt + Honey Caramel

As the weather begins to heat up we are in the mood for cold treats—like ice cream! We love making our own ice cream sauces. Our two favorites right now are: Sea Salt and Honey Caramel Sauce, and Red Wine Chocolate Sauce. Sea Salt and Honey Caramel Sauce, makes about 1 1/2 cups. Needed: 1 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons water, 6 tablespoons butter, 1/2 cup cream (heavy...

vanilla ice cream with basil/peach toppings

Vanilla Ice Cream with Basil-Peach Topping

It’s hot. All I want is ice cream.

Toppings for a wedding ice cream bar!

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Ice Cream Cupcakes--add your own toppings!

Summer Cupcakes

Today is the first full day of summer...celebrate with some summer cupcakes! Bakerella (click on Bakerella's link to learn how to make t...

Ice cream crepes - toppings could vary (use chocolate instead)

Ice cream crepes - toppings could vary (use chocolate instead)

Popcorn to Chile Mangos: 5 Unusual Ice Cream Toppings

Popcorn to Chile Mangos: 5 Unusual Ice Cream Toppings

Why limit yourself to cherries and chocolate sauce? The world of ice cream toppings is wide open to your imagination and pantry. Here are five somewhat unusual toppings that add fun color, texture, and flavor to a scoop of ice cream.• Popcorn: Elevate plain vanilla ice cream with a handful of crunchy buttered popcorn, caramel corn, or kettle corn.• Goji berries: Sweet-tart goji berries are lovely on top of chocolate ice cream. Plus, you can pretend your dessert is a superfood.

toppings in a mason jar for ice cream party

Monster's Garden Party - One Part Sunshine

When I asked my son what kind of party he wanted for his 5th birthday, he immediately replied, "A garden party." He is definitely a boy after my own heart! It isn't surprising after all of the time we spent in our garden this summer. We grew everything from spinach to pumpkins and even constructed a beautiful bean tepee which really didn't flourish until the very end of August.

ice cream toppings displayed in crate with wine glasses

Jag vill ha sommar, jag vill ha sol!

Hej Ni Fina! Först och främst tack ni söta som kom på vår bloggträff, det var verkligen en super trevlig och mysig dag, alltid så härligt att lära känna nya människor! Tack för att ni kom! Tyvärr så hade jag ingen kamera (som vanlig låg den kvar hemma i hallen...). Ni som följt min blogg och ni som känner mig vet att jag älskar sommaren mest av allt! Då vaknar min kropp och själ upp lite extra. Jag älskar ljuset, värmen, doften, vinden, grässtråna mellan mina tår, sanden på stranden…

Small jars for toppings

Retro Ice Cream Sundae Bar {surprise}

Earlier this summer, we took the boys to an old fashion soda fountain in a nearby quaint farmtown. This helped inspire me to create our ...