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Lech Jakubowski
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How to Make DIY Campari With Crushed Beetles

Cochineal insects were used to dye Campari for centuries. Here’s how to recreate this old school dyeing technique with our DIY Campari.

Homemade Fresh Mint Liqueur

Liquore alla menta - Fresh Mint Liqueur Recipe: 2 Cups of Fresh Mint Leaves 2 Cups of Vodka 2 Cups of Water 1 Cup of Sugar 5 Drops of Green Food Color

homemade pineapple liquer

Homemade Pineapple Liqueur : Steep 1 week - fresh or canned pineapple, vanilla, vodka (cover fruit) or white rum. Strain/squeeze and filter. Add clover honey, shake/stir to combine well, then age at least

Slivovitz Recipe Details | Recipe database | washingtonpost.com - Plum Brandy Eastern European style...another idea for an abudance of Italian Prune Plums!

Christams presents sorted. I will make this for everyone! how to make slivovitz (or eastern european plum schnapps).

DIY chocolate liqueur

DIY Chocolate Liqueur (Serious Eats - because I cannot get dark Godiva Liqueur in the UK at anything like a sensible price!

Honey Liqueur

Sugar gets all the attention when it comes to sweetening cocktails, but a homemade honey liqueur will give an exotic new flavor to your drinks.

Praline Liqueur

Homemade praline liqueur is easy to make from fresh pecans and fragrant cinnamon sticks seeping in vodka for up to two weeks.