Agnieszka Jakubowska
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ネイル(No.2106475)|タイダイ |イエロー |春 |夏 |ホイル |ブルー |ジェルネイル |ホワイト |ミディアム |ハンド |チップ | かわいいネイルのデザインを探すならネイルブック!流行のデザインが丸わかり!
Like!.. But with a tank top under and a BRA!
Omg, this is the most beautiful dress I've seen in ages!! Donna Karan New York Black Draped Jersey Dress
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Donna Karan
Donna Karan New York Draped Wrapeffect Jersey Dress
Jean Louis Scherrer
Not sure who the designer is behind this dress, but I'm loving it. I like it on multiple levels. The most appealing being it's unique design that would look good any pretty much any woman. But on the right curves, this thing is probably one of the sexiest pieces of clothing ever invented (personal opinion).