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The world's first selfie. 1920's.

The Selfie. Photograph by The Byron Company. In this capture from December the photographers of the Byron Company got together for a selfie on the roof of Marceau’s photography studio in New York City.

bij les 7; leuke site over uitvindingen door de eeuwen heen

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On December 13th 1981, Poland was brought under Martial Law - and on the very day this happened, the British photographer Chris Niedenthal took this iconic picture in Warsaw: a tank in front of (now demolished) Moskwa (Moscow) movie theater, where Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now was playing. Read the story of what happened:

1981 - One of the most symbolic pictures of Martial Law in Poland. Soldiers are staying in front of the Moscow cinema. The irony is that there is a poster for the movie "Apocalypse Now," which generally reflects the situation in Poland .

#> pl 3´~

#> pl 3´~

Zegarek z melodyjkami, przeboj lat 80 tych

Gadżety z PRL - bez nich Polska byłaby inna

Adam Słodowy – McGyver, tylko, że 100x lepszy!

Adam Słodowy – McGyver, tylko, że 100x lepszy!

Chris Niedenthal zdjęcia PRL

After Pope's assasination, Wadowice, 1981 - Chris Niedenthal